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Iplayco understands the significance of designing play equipment that address the various stages of a child’s development. Age appropriate equipment is essential to ensure that every opportunity for play results in a safe and positive experience. We ship and install worldwide.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amazing... Decatur Foursquare Church sent us this photo. They... on Twitpic

Amazing... Decatur Foursquare Church sent us this photo. They... on Twitpic

Here is the email we received from the church:

"After 5 years and no issues with the playground our church was just hit with a Tornado, the building was damaged but not the playground.
Thank you,
David Catron"

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Infunity Kuwait

Designed, Manufactured and Installed by International Play Company

Cutting Edge Entertainment Offer Now Launched At 360 Mall
9,000 square meters of comprehensive world standard leisure activities for children and their families.

21st July 2010: 360 MALL, Kuwait’s newest and most exciting luxury shopping centre has announced the debut of Kuwait’s latest family entertainment centre that is marked by a unique range of comprehensive amusement attractions that are specifically designed to meet the leisure needs of the entire family. The mall’s entertainment venue is located on the third level of 360 MALL.

Claudia Lopusinska, 360 MALL’s Marketing Manager said: “With the launch of the latest Family Entertainment Centre “Infunity”, children can investigate, explore, play, and learn about a whole new range of entertainment programmes that have been designed to the highest specifications of world famous leisure destinations.”

“In a country like Kuwait, with a rapidly growing population that has reached more than 3 million people, of whom a significant portion are young and upwardly mobile – it is important to provide them with a safe family friendly destination to spend their leisure time in a way that is trendy and exciting. Entertainment is also fairly limited and the hot climate mandates more indoors activities, a reason why Tamdeen Entertainment Co. has translated the outdoor entertainment offer into an indoor high quality concept,” added Lopusinska.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flickr: Your Account

Flickr: Your Account: This is the Flicker setting for Iplayco - many photos of our installations worldwide.

We have moved our head office

Please note that we have moved our head office, our new location is:

215-27353-58th Crescent
Langley, BC V4W 3W7
New number: (604) 607-1111
New fax: (604) 607-1107

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

iPlayco at IAAPA 2010

International Play Company was at IAAPA this year. Here is the video from FEC Directory.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Almost two years ago Iplayco Inc. (International Play Company) added another page to its business plan. The manufacturer of children’s indoor and outdoor play structures for playgrounds, family entertainment centers (FECs), and other facilities took the unusual step and opened The Great Escape right down the road.

Its all-ages FEC features a wide range of rides and attractions, including laser tag, climbing walls, an indoor playground, a suspended obstacle course, and mini-bowling. (Iplayco, headquartered in Langley, Canada, integrates products other than its own here.)

While the facility turns a nice profit, that’s not the only reason the company built it, says Scott Forbes, the company’s president. In fact, The Great Escape (www.thege.ca) serves a couple different roles.

Iplayco (www.iplayco.com) uses the FEC for research and development purposes to see which of its products guests enjoy most, and maybe more important, it’s a training site for people considering opening a similar facility. Dozens of customers, some from as far away as Mexico and Europe, have visited The Great Escape to learn firsthand how to run an FEC.

Iplayco offers a vast turnkey service that covers the business plan, financing, operations, design, training, and marketing. “We take care of the whole thing,” Forbes says, adding the relationship could continue for questions that pop up after the doors open.

The real-world model proves to be a strong selling point, Forbes says. The Great Escape staff can show clients exactly how to run a successful birthday party, what are the best seating ratios and setup for traffic flow, and even offer numbers that they can use for banking and financing purposes.

“We can give them all the right answers,” he says. “Whatever you need from us—if you want a turnkey FEC, just some advice, or a playground, we are here for you.”

Creative Minds - Forbes admits he can’t draw a straight line. “The designers quite often laugh at my pencil sketches,” jokes the 44-year-old father of two boys.

Luckily, he didn’t require an art degree when he cofounded Iplayco Inc. in 1999 with partner Franco Aquila.

By mixing interactivity and theming as well as putting an equal importance on creativity and aesthetics, Iplayco has earned a loyal customer base, he says. Its products can be found in more than 60 countries around the world.

“We just try to take it the next level,” Forbes says.

Years ago, play structures were simple and straightforward: ball pits, slides, things like that, Forbes notes. The level of participation by the child was relatively low.

In founding Iplayco, he wanted to break away from the norm to provide a more rewarding experience for kids.

“Let’s create things that are good for the children to interact with and let their minds be creative,” he says, explaining the company’s philosophy. “That’s a big part of what we do, whether its theming, unique shapes, or play events.”

With one of its tree-climb attractions, for example, young guests climb from level to level, doing something along each step of way. It could be making a sound effect or wiggling the nose on the tree character’s “head.” Its latest series of play structures, called Quantum Curve, takes a nonstandard approach, he describes. Gone are the standard rigid lines and 90-degree angles.

“We put an interesting curvature to the equipment,” says Forbes, who recently built one such innovative structure at Kuwait’s 360 Mall. “It looks like a piece of architecture.”

Iplayco worked closely with the mall’s management to develop Infunity. “We try to take the customers’ needs and feedback and not be taken back by it,” he says. “This is a creative process. We start with something that looks like a truck and it ends up like a race car.”

Forbes also looks for “the story” a facility wants to tell. If it’s a fairy tale, he would work to create a structure that would blend in with that particular theme, like a castle in this case.

He attributes much of the success of Iplayco, which boasts 80 to 100 employees depending on the season, to its team of designers. They frequently participate in roundtable brainstorming discussions and even take Forbes’ rough doodles and turn them into polished finished products.

“We have created some pretty wonderful play environments for kids over the years,” he says proudly.

Contributing Editor Mike Bederka at mbederka@IAAPA.org

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

IAAPA trade show

We will be at the IAAPA trade show in November 2010. Our booth number is: 3064

From Start to Finish... Our professional and knowledgeable team will work hand in hand with your team to develop a proposal that meets the needs and budget of each project.

Working with your project team - our Iplayco sales and CAD designers makes your project easier and saves you money.

Family Entertainment Center designs, consulting and implementation from start to finish.

When at the show look for our article in the Funworld magazine. Ask us about our new FEC Training Center.

International Play Company

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Indoor Playground Equipment by Iplayco

At International Play Company, we design, manufacture and install indoor play equipment and commercial outdoor playgrounds worldwide. Also climbing walls, obstacle adventure courses, custom theming, soft toddler play areas and more.

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Friday, August 20, 2010


Today’s parents are looking for a safe, fun and affordable environment to take their families. Time is extremely valuable in today’s fast paced society and it is important to provide a family friendly destination that is fun for all ages. With the addition of a themed soft playground system or outdoor playground you can increase attraction, improve play value, and add activity to keep your customers coming back.

From a parents perspective it is important to provide a secure environment where children can learn valuable social development skills such as cooperation and sharing. From a child’s perspective it simply provides a fun place to play and meet new friends.

Studies have shown that play is an essential part of childhood development. Physical benefits include the development of muscle groups, motor skills, hand eye coordination, and dexterity. Some of the social and educational benefits include exercising the imagination, abstract thinking, and problem solving techniques. In addition there is evidence that play improves communication, language, and learning skills while building self confidence.

It is our objective to provide our customers with high quality, creative, affordable soft modular indoor play structures and outdoor playground systems, that add attraction and value to any family friendly facility.

International Play Company

Monday, July 26, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Customers Choose IPC!

•Experienced Staff:
Over 100 years of combined playground, construction, design, and operations experience! Our CPRA certified staff members adhere to ADA, ASTM, IPEMA, and other North American and International safety standards!

•Biggest tube systems in the industry!: 36” tube systems are now available, along with 30” (standard industry size), and 24” (for tiny tots). We also offer easy transition tubes for upgrading or downsizing from any tube size. IPC covers all the possibilities when it comes to your “new playground” or “retro-fit” upgrades to an IPC or competitor playground!

•The best prices in the industry! IPC uses its volume purchasing power to achieve the best discounts on raw materials from its suppliers, and passes the savings to our customers. Our streamlined production and assembly process, and “fair price” pricing policy, allows IPC the availability to offer high quality playgrounds at “the most aggressive pricing available in the industry”.

•High quality! Only the finest materials are used in IPC playground construction.

•What you see is what you get! If we design it, we can build it! Unlike some companies that show you a pretty picture but deliver something completely different, IPC promises that the theming, the colors, the shapes, and the custom components we show you in the design stage can, and will, actually be built every time! At IPC we pride ourselves on delivering what the customer wants and expects from their playground supplier.

•Manufacturing: We manufacture our playgrounds right here in Canada. Manufacturing is not sub contracted out.

•Flexible and Creative designs: Our R&D team offer site specific and custom designed play events and theming not available anywhere else. Character designs, concepts, and branding are all available through IPC.

•Fast delivery: In most cases we produce our standard playgrounds within 2-4 weeks! We always appreciate any extra time you can allow us, but we recognize your need for meeting your opening schedule. We offer the fastest delivery in the industry.

•Quality installations: IPC’s very own CPRA trained and IPC certified installation technicians construct your playground. By using our own installers and supervisor’s you are certain to get the safest and highest quality of finish on your playground, as it was designed.

•Great warranty and Insurance! We offer the longest, most comprehensive warranty on soft modular playgrounds in the business. After sales service second to none! The best service and production team in the industry is ready to help you with any inquiry you may have. We carry our own liability insurance. Something some of our competitors don’t do!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family Entertainment Center Development

Family Entertainment Center Development

We would like to offer some helpful hints that may assist you in the planning and development of your playground project.

1. Location – The location of your facility is very important to the success of your business. We can offer you some advice concerning the location of your facility, however, it will ultimately be your responsibility to find a suitable location for your business. When selecting the location of the facility you should consider factors such as cost, accessibility, demographics, and local competition.

2. Facility - The size of the facility should be directly related to your business plan considering factors such as rental cost, expected capacity, and the equipment necessary to create a destination point. The facility should be large enough to accommodate the play area (including toddler area), birthday party rooms, seating area, food service, counters, and any additional amusement items you may require. We also recommend when selecting your facility you allow a minimum of 16 foot ceiling height to allow for more challenging play events such as multi- level slides and climbs.

3. Cost – During your planning stages we will provide you with some sample playgrounds and prices to assist you with your business plan. Once you have located and secured your facility we will complete a custom design for you and establish an exact cost of the play system. Services such as cash flow analysis, feasibility studies, and site inspections are also available upon request for a nominal fee that may be applied to the purchase of your IPC Play System.

4. Size and style of the play system - The size, style, and cost of the playground system will depend on the size of the facility, budget, age group and capacity. IPC is a custom manufacturer of soft playground equipment and once we have collected sufficient information about your project we will complete a custom playground design to suit your facility.

5. Design – There is a variety of options to choose from when designing a play system. Some options include the theme or concept, size and orientation, color and events, and level of interactivity. It is important in the design phase that we understand all of the details surrounding your project in order to offer you the best and most accurate play system design possible. We encourage communication and recommend that you discuss your project in detail with one of our playground specialists.

6. Construction and installation – Once you have secured your facility, finalized the design, and confirmed the purchase of your play system IPC will manufacture, deliver and install the system within a designated time frame. Our installation technician’s travel throughout the world to install our playgrounds under strict safety and quality controlled guidelines. We do not sub contract the manufacturing.

7. After sales support – Once the playground is installed and your business is operating we encourage our customers to maintain contact with our sales and servicing departments with any questions or concerns that they may have. International Play Company is committed to playground safety and customer satisfaction.

International Play Company,