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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How to Plan For a Kids Indoor Playground for Your Facility

How to Plan For a Kids Indoor Playground for Your Facility

Indoor playgrounds are a great addition for businesses who want to add more fun to their day. And if you have already thought of having one, it’s actually simpler than you ever thought. Indoor playgrounds are actually spreading like wildfire since it can be associated with different businesses.
If you look around, there a number of restaurants around town have playground partners. This means that these establishments have created recreational areas for kids to have fun before or after having a bite. Before starting with having your own indoor playground, better make sure to plan it well with these simple guidelines.

Do your Research
Before starting, you should gather information on your prospect neighbourhood. Here are simple questions to get started on doing your research:
Any specific neighborhoods in mind?
Any target location in mind within the neighborhoods you have chosen?
How many children are between ages 0-12
How many competitors within the neighborhood?
If there are, how will you be able to market yours?
How much will be the costing in total?
How big the space needed for the playground?
What is the purpose of the playground?
Even though these are simple questions, these questions help in providing a concrete picture on the progress of your indoor playground. It will also help you establish your own business plan that you will eventually show your potential investors.

Create a Business Plan
After answering the questions above, you can now start with the serious stuff. Creating a business plan is essential to starting a business. Along with the information generated from the questions above, this is where you will indicate calculations and simple analysis of the business: examples are break-even analysis, start-up expenses, and 3-year projections. Moreover, having a business plan can help in convincing investors to invest in the business.

Preparation and Production
After finally deciding on the finances, location and theme of the playground, it’s time to prepare the equipment. There are a lot of playground manufacturers who are skilled in creating safe and high-quality equipment that is recognized by international organizations. Of course, safety is a number one concern of parents.

Playgrounds are a place of fun and friendship for children. That is why safety and quality of materials should be considered in order to lessen the worries of parents and let the kids roam around at their own free will. And when it comes to manufacturing and installing playground equipment, IPLAYCO has been creating FUN since 1999, planning, and designing kid’s indoor playground for any type of business and is recognized by many international organizations. For interested establishments, call +1 604-607-1111 or email sales@iplayco.com or our website at www.iplayco.com 

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